Relic - Weaver's Loom

Norse Lap Loom


Weaver’s Loom
Total Cost: (1)

  • Bestows access to Mystery

This loom once belonged to Forseti’s mother, Nanna. She used to weave on it of an evening while Forseti slept, and let her mind wander as she did so. When Forseti was old enough, she taught him to weave on the loom as well. He spent many afternoons and evenings whiling away the time weaving fabric while his mind pondered the problems and situations that had been presented to him during the day.

After many, many years of this, the loom itself absorbed some of his power over understanding Fate and Mystery. Now, anyone who lets their mind wander while using it will find that the very patterns of Fate become clearer to them, and they will find the answers to the Mysteries of the worlds flowing through their mind.

Forseti gifted this relic to his daughter, Frith Lawson, on their first meeting.

Relic - Weaver's Loom

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