The Shinsengumi have been cheated of the black feather shroud, and Kane Taoka’s plans foiled, by six Scions brought together by six gods. But neither the Shinsengumi, nor the brave band that put their plans down, saw the two cousins standing on a nearby rooftop, watching in disbelief. Neither of them saw the stranger, Hans Gruber, take those cousins away to safety, with stories of gods and Titans and a war that they were being inducted into.

For Frith and Ty Lawson the war is just beginning. While the other band of heroes surge forward, full of well practised power and in the public eye after battling an ancient shipload of dead Norse warriors, Frith and Ty have been set on a path of their own. Perhaps not the first but just maybe the best.

Scion: The Sound of Silence

Elladine Snoreboy01